Declutter the bedroom

1 Remove unnecessary items

  1. Assign time to the task, and have boxes and dustbin bags at the ready.
  2. Remove net curtains, and window dressings that cover the light from the window when they are open e.g. blinds which are too low even when they are open, curtains which cover the windows even when they are open.
  3. Start at the top, and work down. Remove unnecessary pictures, posters, stickers, and picture nails.
  4. Go through the room with several dustbin bags and remove rubbish to the “throw away” dustbin bags, and to the “maybe throw away” dustbin bags.
  5. In an open box outside the room, collect all of the items that actually belong in other rooms.
  6. Get three more boxes for items to “keep”, “donate” and “throw away”, and go through each drawer one at a time.
  7. After each drawer has been reviewed, put the “keep” items back into it.  Limit yourself to a certain number of each type of item e.g. maximum of two of each toiletry item.
  8. Put the rubbish bags straight into the bin, put the “donate” items straight into the car, or by the front door, ready to go.
  9. Have a “sentimental” storage place for letters, photographs, ticket stubs and drawings.
  10. Clear all surfaces of everything except necessities such as a lamp or laptop.

2 Sort through clothes

  1. Try on everything in your wardrobe, in sections of tops first, then bottoms, then jackets etc. Put them in the “keep”, “donate” and “throw away” boxes.
  2. Sort through accessories such as shoes and handbags in the same way.
  3. Limit yourself to a certain number of each type of item.