Start at the top and work down:

  1. Paint the ceiling white to bounce the maximum amount of light around.
  2. Paint the walls white or a very light colour to bounce the maximum amount of light around.
  3. Paint the wooden trims in an eggshell or satin or gloss white, or very light colour, to maximise light.
  4. Paint furniture that is past it’s prime, white.
  5. Paint anything which doesn’t match your colour scheme, white, so that it is as neutral as possible, and disappears into the room, rather than standing out and “taking up space”.
  6. If you have a small room, with unfinished floor boards, paint the floor boards white, if you can’t afford to finish them properly.
  7. If you have a smooth concrete floor, you can paint it white, to lighten the room.  It must be very smooth though.
  8. Replace light fittings with a white/ cream coloured one that emits as much light as possible, and put the brightest LED bulb in that you can, to bounce lots of light around the room.
  9. Replace carpet with an extremely light carpet (you are not going for a practical approach, you are going for a good looking approach), or expose floor boards, and varnish them so that they bounce light around the room.