1. Keep to a maximum of two accent colours, the other colours must be neutral colours (white, grey, cream, black, brown, beige).
  2. For the most expensive look, go for colours that have grey added to them.
  3. Have different textures of the same colour in the soft furnishings, and have no more than one patterned fabric in your chosen design accent or neutral colours or both.
  4. Add symmetry to the room, frame the bed with bedside tables, lamps, framed pictures, sculptures and flowers in opaque vases on either side.  (Don’t have glass vases).
  5. Add symmetry to a dressing table lamp, by framing it with opaque vases, candle sticks, lamps, framed pictures, and sculptures.
  6. Add symmetry to a window, by framing it with curtains on either side, framed pictures on either side, opaque vases with flowers on either side, sculptures etc.
  7. Add a fireplace mantelpiece if there isn’t one and add symmetry by having “balanced” numbers of objects on either side of the mantelpiece.
  8. Add symmetry to the bed by having balanced numbers of cushions, and pillows, and a bed runner along the bottom of the bed to “balance” out the headboard at the other end.
  9. If you have different coloured timber or cane furniture in the room, paint them in a neutral colour.
  10. Have white bedlinen and towels for the cleanest, crispest look.
  11. Add impact to the bed by adding a headboard, the higher it is the more impact it will have.  See How to make a headboard
  12. If you don’t have a real bed, make a fake bed.  Have two colours of accent cushions that contrast with the white bedlinen of the bed, and a matching contrast bedrunner and headboard. See How to make a fake bed
  13. Make “pictures” by getting free wall paper samples (in your chosen colours) from DIY shops, and framing them in picture frames, and then either hanging them either side of a focus point, or group them together in groups of three.
  14. Have a focus point of the room, usually the bed.
  15. Have a clutter free look, apart from flowers in opaque vases, houseplants, framed pictures on the wall in your colour scheme, lamps, and possibly sculptures.
  16. Have a framed full length dressing mirror, even if it isn’t practical and takes up space, it looks good.
  17. Make sure everything that is added to the room is in your colour scheme, from flowers, to candles and pictures.
  18. The room should have a light, clean, airy look, with the illusion of space wherever possible.
  19. Go for the smallest possible furniture to make the room look bigger i.e. choose a double bed rather than a king sized bed.
  20. The furniture should all be structured looking, not soft and floppy e.g. a wing backed chair looks better than a bean bag or a soft, squashy looking single sofa.
  21. Younger people prefer high contrast colours, and older people prefer more muted, and blended colours.