(Also known as staging a room)

  • Give the room an aspirational look
  • Whatever your target market is, give the room a more luxurious, expensive look, so that it displays a lifestyle that is “one up” from the property’s actual value.
  • People buy a lifestyle, not a property, so show them a place that they would like to show off to their friends and family.
  • Put expensive bottles of perfume in the room, make sure that all of the accessories are good looking.
  • Window dressings (curtains, blinds)  determine the “class” of the room, more than anything else, so make sure these are as luxurious looking as possible.
  • The room should look, light, spacious, airy, luxurious, welcoming, and warm.
  • All the soft furnishings should be in your chosen colours, and plants, bowls of fruit, fresh flowers, and lots of light, can make the room look alive.
  • Switch all the lights on when showing the room (even during the day).
  • Make sure the room smells clean and fresh.
  • Add small structured furniture, e.g. a dressing table chair, small bedside tables for lamps.
  • Younger people prefer high contrast colours and accessories, and older people prefer more muted, and blended colours and accessories.
  • Add lighting in the form of lamps on either side of the bed, and the dressing table, LED strips behind the headboard to add a glow, fairy lights around the dressing table mirror, LED strips along the open shelving, recessed spotlights inside shelving, ceiling lights with a bright LED bulb. Lighting is what adds the biggest wow factor to a room, and if you haven’t got much natural light or the room is “ordinary”, layered lighting is the best way to create an impact.
  • Add framed pictures (in your selected colours) above the bedside lamps so that the lights highlight the pictures.
  • The more mirrors in the room the better e.g. full length dressing mirrors, dressing table mirrors, mirrors above fireplaces or mantle pieces.
  • Add candles, flowers (in opaque vases), and fruit (choose the colours of the fruit to complement the room), in opaque coloured fruit bowls.
  • Add house plants in smart pots.
  • Add a headboard, cushions and a bedrunner or throw in your chosen colours.