1. If a bedroom is very small and doesn’t have space for bedside tables, you can add value by installing wall lamps above the bed.
  2. If a bedroom doesn’t have a dressing table you can add a dressing table mirror above a chest of drawers.
  3. If a bedroom doesn’t have anything special about it, you can layer the lighting to create a wow factor.  Use fairy lights around the dressing table mirror, LED strips behind the headboard to create a glow, bedside lamps, downlighters recessed under open shelves to highlight the walls and contents of the shelves, and LED strips in the open shelving to create features.  Have a feature light display of branches with lights in them.
  4. Frame a window with curtains hanging on either side and a valance above the window, to make it more of a statement feature, and seem larger than it is, and allow the maximum amount of light in.
  5. Make the headboard high, so that it looks more impressive and expensive.
  6. Where possible, install a double bed rather than a single bed.
  7. Add built-in cupboards if possible.
  8. Add a cupboard above the door to the bedroom, inside the bedroom, for more storage if necessary.
  9. If you can fit a chair in, do, it always implies a reading and relaxation nook.
  10. Don’t have more than two accent colours, this will make it look more designed, and more expensive.  The fewer the colours,  the more expensive it will look.
  11. If there is a fireplace, add a mantelpiece, refurbish the fireplace, and add a mirror above the fireplace.
  12. If there is a chimney breast, add a mantelpiece even though there isn’t a fireplace.
  13. If there is a chimney breast, add built in shelving and cupboards to the recesses on either side.